Porquerolles’ island is the largest of the Golden Island, located on the same parallel as the Corsican Cape and have the same exceptional climate condition: over 320 sunny days, mild winter and hot summer.

To reach Porquerolles’ island, you simply have to take the boat from the Tour Fondue or from one of the ten others departure places

› Village

Once down of the boat and walk through on the main dock, you will arrive to the village.
It has been built in the 1810’s around a square, the Place d’Armes that was used for the military parade. All of the main shops and restaurants are around the square, so is the Church and our hotel.

› Territory

Porquerolles is split in 3 parts, the North, famous and white sand beaches as La Courtade, Notre Dame, La plage d’Argent and the Langoustier, but there are also a few little coves, with clear blue water and plenty of easy trails. In the island you will find vines, olive trees, fig trees, almond trees and other different kind of fruits trees. The South part, more craggy and wild, will gives you a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea, cliffs and creeks more or less accessible and an amazing walk trail.

› Activities

Lots of activities are practiced, the island being only pedestrian, this is a paradise for the nature and sports lovers. Anyways we will be please to show you the best spot to go depending of on daily wishes.

› Reminder

We love this island and respect it deeply, we remind you that this is forbidden to smoke here because of the fire risks are too high, dogs must be on leash, and the rubbish must to be throw on a bin and last but not least our water resources are low, so please, don’t waste it.

› A few numbers

Length : 7 kilometers
Width : 2.5 kilometers
Surface : 1254 hectares
Apex : Semaphore at 142 meters
Tracks and trails : 54 kilometers
Vineyard : 200 hectare
Geographic Coordinates : 43°00’02’’N / 006°13’38’’ E

The Villa Sainte Anne

With its relaxed lifestyle , its 25 rooms in the heart of the Porquerolle's village, and superb cuisine of Provence, The Villa Sainte Anne offers an ideal starting point to discover the southernmost islands of the French Riviera .

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You must have to see !

Northern sandy beaches, Southern rocky coves, Center botanical garden, extraordinary seabed all around ...

Those who went there only think one thing: Going back !

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The Villa Sainte Anne is open from April through November 2016.
Do not longer hesitate to contact us for every informations.
More then 320 sundays a year, a mild winter and a warm summer, do not hesitate !

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